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ALLIANCE SLEEP DIAGNOSTICS is dedicated to providing a sleep quality evaluation center for complete evaluation, testing, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.  

If you're one of the 70 million Americans who suffer from some type of sleep disorder, your life can be affected in many ways. If left untreated, some sleep disorders pose serious threats to your health. They can increase your risk for high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke as well as damage your immune system. These are just some of the many reasons you should look to Alliance Sleep Diagnostics, LLC to put your sleep problems to rest.

Our staff will treat you with the friendly, personalized care you deserve. You'll feel right at home inside a private sleep study room that resembles an upscale hotel room.

Several tests that are routinely performed are:

  • Polysomnogram (known as a PSG or sleep study)
  • Polysomnogram with CPAP/ Bi-Level Titration
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT)
  • Consultation services and Screening services


  • Open 7 days a week
  • Appointments seen promptly
  • Handicapped-accessible parking


Soothing and inviting, the private sleep study rooms at Alliance Sleep Diagnostics, LLC offer the decor and amenities of an upscale hotel, including:

  • Queen-size beds
  • Comfortable pillows, sheets, blankets and comforters
  • Well-appointed bathrooms
  • Cable Television to watch before you fall asleep


Today's technological advances in sleep medicine have significantly improved the way sleep disorders are diagnosed. Here at Alliance Sleep Diagnostics, we make every effort to study these advances and offer them to our patients. By using the very latest digital diagnostic equipment, we can provide you with an accurate and highly detailed sleep study.